If You Don't Start Nothin' ... ItWont
Be Nothin' !

        Lenny Gordon is a multi-talented musician with vision who brings to his performances a unique brand of sparkling, energetic entertainment, his soulful, pure-pitched voice and mastery of drums and percussion. Lenny has been on the Philly music scene since boyhood. At age 8, he was singing with the Philadelphia All City Boys Choir. "Imagine", he says, "a skinny little black boy up there on stage singing his heart out!" Since his teens, Lenny has played and sung with groups ranging from gospel to hard, punk and mellow rock, reggae, blues and

R&B. Among his influences Lenny counts his Dad, who plays piano, along with greats like Bill Withers, Robert Johnson, Little Walter, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and those he knows personally such as Taj Mahal, Johnny Clyde Copeland and his good friend Sonny Rhodes, who joins him on this album. After years of playing with others, Lenny created Lenny & the Soulsenders: A tight yet flexible working band of talented musicians that can go anywhere to play blues and R&B with a tinge of reggae." LSS's album lfYou Don't Start Nothin ' ...It Won't Be Nothin ' ! focuses on the music that's been a part of Lenny's life from the beginning. As he puts it: " A tribute to my predecessors." He wanted to produce something worthy to go into the archives. "The blues," he says, "she's wearing a real nice coat these days. If I can help to put a trim on it or a button, I'll be happy ." With his unusual concept of gathering so many musicians together for this recording, some playing the same instrument, Lenny envisioned "different flavors and styles, like putting onions, peas, carrots and potatoes in my soup." He also wished to achieve a party atmosphere, the excitement of a live performance with everyone enjoying themselves while making good music. The sound Lenny has aimed for on this album is "bluesy with rhythm and harmonies, a lot ofvoice things going on, stuff from the soul and the heart. I'm not looking to be over fancy or over productive, just want a good, true raw sound in the simplest form I can get that." For him, the musical harmonies stand for human harmony -racial, personal and the accord between musicians and audience. A Soulsender, Lenny explains, is "anyone who has played with me, at jams, gigs, in the recording studio. And anyone who has joined in with our music, to dance at clubs, sing along with us, be a part of our group in any way. Everyone is welcome! Once a Soulsender, always a Soulsender." As for the future of Lenny & the Soulsenders: "We can go bigger and stronger than this." He imagines an entire horn section, or dancers on stage, or cellos and violins bowing along with the blues. All we have to do, Lenny says, is: "Keep on soulings! And remember what my friend the Jamaican Love Rooster would say, 'It ain't nothin' without the blues."'

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